Who is Leslie Le?

Hello, I’m Leslie

I have lived in Colorado my entire life and I love everything this state has to offer. Really though, I didn’t get to appreciate its beauty until after high school. You see growing up my parents owned and operated a restaurant, they worked so hard and had little-to-no time for vacations. After school, I would go to the restaurant and hang out at “my table” doing homework and when I finished, would help my parents with the register, cleaning tables, answering phones, etc. My parents divorced when I was in high school and then sold the restaurant. It was sad but honestly turned out to be a blessing. My dad and I lost touch but my mom now had the time to take vacations and enjoy life a bit more.

Now I graduated high school and went to work at a printing and mailing company while going to college. I ended up working my way up from the production floor (running the inkjets, inserting, and folding machines) to running the data processing department. After 14 years of working for this company, I needed a change. Ugh…I was turning into my parents (Just kidding! Love you mom and dad!!!) I needed something that had purpose and what better purpose than helping home buyers and sellers transition into the next chapter of their lives. I say this because of my parent’s lifelong realtor Greg. He planted the seed about real estate when helping me get into my first house. He had mentioned I might enjoy this career and when I made the decision to give it a shot, I remember how this one man had helped my parents buy and sell homes, watched me grow from a toddler to an adult, and became family.

Whether looking for your first home or tenth, your home is a reflection of you, where your family gathers, and where great memories are made. I truly enjoy educating my clients along the way and building lasting relationships. I truly love what I do but I also remember to take time for my family and dogs because wherever they are it is always fun and there is no place I’d rather be.

Okay, Random/Fun Questions Time!

What’s your favorite ’80s jam? Stray Cat Strut – My partner Grant and I were at Atlanta Bread for our first Valentine’s Day together and they had a live singer. He wasn’t great but he was doing his thing – gotta respect that. Anyway, Grant and I ordered our food and were chatting away when we hear this man meowing, we both had no idea what the lyrics were that he was singing but we had a nice giggle. After he finished, the singer gave me flowers and it was a fun night to reminisce about. Fast forward a few months later and Grant hears “Stray Cat Strut” on the radio and the light bulb went off and he immediately called me to have me listen to it via his phone. Ever since then that song brings up a good memory.

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books? I don’t have any favorites per se but as far as genre goes I enjoy true crime. It is interesting to hear the investigative side of things along with the psychology of how or why a crime is committed. I will also say as a woman it has changed my perspective on safety. We have all been taught to always be nice and kind, but sometimes when your “spidey senses” tingle you don’t have to be nice.

What fictional character would you be best friends with in real life? Ok so this one made me think a bit but I’d have to say Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Why you ask? Well, he’s funny and goofy, he’s a real estate agent (much respect for the passion and hustle), and who doesn’t like a good dad joke, and Phil’s got’em all!

What’s the most unique fashion or hair decision you’ve made? So admittedly, I’ve been pretty basic when it comes to fashion and hair. However, since November 2021 I’ve gone out on a limb and peekaboo dyed (top layer is natural, the bottom layer has color) my hair with blue, green, and purple. I am shocked and delighted that I went out of my comfort zone but I don’t think I will dye it a crazy color again.